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UNBRIDLED: Bridal Trends that are OUT.. and what to expect for 2020

The concept of “trends” is fading when it comes to wedding dresses.

According to Vogue Runway’s bridal trend reports illustrate just how much the market has grown. In 2016, a corseted bodice or sprinkling of crystals qualified as big news; in 2017, it was “groundbreaking” trousers or adding a belt to gowns.

Fast-forward to the 2020 shows, and things are increasingly varied: minimalist, maximalist, almost naked dresses, Meghan Markle everything, tuxedos, minis—there’s something for everyone now.

The general feeling is that today’s bride wants to look like the best version of herself, not an airbrushed version, and needs a dress (or suit) that reflects her personal style. Unsurprisingly, that may not be a princess gown. In fact, there’s a rising demand for simpler, less-fussy dresses you can wear again after the wedding. Especially when it comes to bridesmaids dresses.

Dresses by David Peck Photo Cody Bess Makeup Aubrie Layne

It’s made to order-dress shops like Shop David Peck Houston TX. Many of my clients have hired to design a one of a kind dress (or two). I LOVE dress shops like UNBRIDLED that offer the perfect dresses for the less traditional.

Dress with Detachable Sleeves from @ruedeseinebridal from Unbridled Photo: @klenhart HMU @luckycatbeauty

Currently, designers are getting really creative—we’re seeing more detachable sleeves or skirts for a two-in-one look, which will be a big trend for 2020 and beyond. We are seeing the trends on  the red carpet at the Golden Globes. The Statement Sleeve on gowns. Women are returning to the big sleeves of the ’80s, but with the modern approach of the mid-’90s.

For the fashion-savvy bride who's buying multiple looks. A whole cohesive wardrobe styled perfectly for the event week. Now, is not just THE DRESS but a few dresses for the big day. Brides are choosing looks from the proposal to the morning-after brunch—for a complete wardrobe of bridal outfits.

Now, designers can’t just design ceremony gowns; most have expanded their bridal collections to include rehearsal dinner dresses, after-party minis, dance-floor jumpsuits…the list goes on.

They’ve also paired multiple makeup and hair looks for each ensemble. Often hair and makeup artists are staying later for the quick change. You can add a Smokey eye or a red lip and change hair from up to down and so on.

That extends to the bridal party, too: “Matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses are gone for good, Some wedding gown dress boutiques are starting to offer Styling services you help you plan your wardrobe. For bridesmaids dresses you should stick with a complementary palette, and let members of your bridal party wear different patterns, styles, hues. Even better, your friends will have a lot more fun if they feel good about what they're wearing, not resenting the polyester dress you chose for them. You should also consider letting bridesmaids choose from affordable options and apps like Rent The Runway.

As weddings become more personal, decor is simplified

Like ball gowns and excessively-fancy meals, over-the-top flowers and table settings feel like relics of the past.

For the wedding decor, We’ve seen so many typical & trendy details (rose gold, is out) of the last decade people are moving on from typical bridal decor to more architectural designs and minimalistic decor.

The shift away from white-and-beige-rose Gold-everything. We need bright, eye-catching things to pique our interest. Now brides are more willing to experiment with color, pattern, and customization: Whether it’s on the plate, napkin, tablecloth, glass or all mixed together, it’s all about pattern play right now. Color and pattern look great in photos, too.

Instagram made weddings accessible to everyone, and as a result, weddings became Instagram-ready.

Another trend growing are destination weddings.

“More” wasn’t always better in the 2010s, of course. This was a decade of serious cultural change; it wasn’t until 2011 that Andrew Cuomo made gay marriage legal in New York. Strides in equality and representation have changed attitudes about relationships for the better, and we’ve consequently scrapped the “rules” of weddings.

The takeaway for 2020? Anything goes. Whether it’s a week-long celebration in Hawaii or a backyard party, the only thing a wedding “should” be is extremely personal. Instead of copying what’s been done on Pinterest, try creating your own perfect day.

Happy Planning!


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