#QuarantineLife: How to Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

According to celebrity makeup artist Aubrie Layne and Founder of Lucky Cat Beauty Weddings in Houston Tx. Nominated for Best Wedding Makeup, Best Updo in Modern Luxury Weddings 2019

The wedding industry has been turned upside down lately due to the Corona virus. Many brides are postponing the wedding and opting to do a small ceremony on the actual day. Because of this, knowing how to DIY your makeup for one may make sense.

You may have not known this, but Kate Middleton applied her own makeup for her royal wedding. With a little help, you can also master the art of DIY Bridal Makeup.

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Aubrie Layne based in Houston Texas offers a one on one makeup lesson for brides. Here are some of her favorite tips for brides thinking about doing their own makeup for their big day.

Aubrie's Ultimate Bridal Makeup DIY Tips

To Start, Aubrie suggests saving your Pinterest board or tearing pictures out of magazines and taking screenshots of makeup you like and you will know where to start. Take inventory of your tools, favorite tried and true beauty products that you love. You also want to have the right lighting tools too- Aubrie loves the travel-friendly GLAMCOR RIKI SKINNY Vanity Makeup Mirror with Selfie Function and Magnification Mirror Attachment$195 & a great set of brushes like BDellium Rosegold Triangle set. "best quality, ergonomically friendly, and a great price, not to mention beautiful.." Aubrie says.


When considering makeup colors, be sure to stick to what suits you and your skin tone. Don't be fooled into thinking your makeup needs to match your flowers or your bridesmaid's dresses. Many brides choose natural tones and they go too brown on brown on nudes.... Try something modern but still feels like yourself, only better!


There's IS always Youtube but sometimes that can lead to more confusion. That vlogger may be great at doing her own makeup, but not as experienced with your goals, your features, bone structure or complexion tone. This is where experience is important when finding a good teacher.

"Anyone can slap a naked palette on their photogenic 20-year-old selves and call it a day but real women have real concerns so a one-on-one lesson with a makeup artist at a private studio is the way to go. Ask your favorite makeup artist if they can offer a virtual makeup lessons." Lots of companies are pivoting to offer this type of service because the demand is so high" -Aubrie Layne, Celebrity Makeup Artist Houston Tx


On the wedding day itself, give yourself at least 30-60 minutes longer than it usually takes you to do your makeup—

You want to feel calm and not rushed, and you need to factor in time to field everyone's questions and visitors that day.


Overdoing eye shadow in the crease- Keep the darkest shade of shadow close to the outer lash line. Very neutral shades in the crease, and crease meaning not literal “crease” but brow bone and up. Light shimmery colors should stay on the lid & inner corner but always use matte shadow on the brow bone.

Eyeliner is too thick- Razor-thin liner along and in the lashes can define your eyes with less makeup. Smudge the outer lash line but not all the way across. This will make lashes look longer and pop. If the liner is floating above the lashes it’s going to make your eyes look smaller and risk transferring to your upper eyelid. To learn how to DIY a cat-eye look, visit another DIY post from Aubrie HERE

Blush is too low- if you apply blush directly to the apples while smiling, when your not smiling, the blush is way too low and pulls the face down.

Start on the from of the cheekbone and counteract the orbital bone, almost on top of the cheeks and blend straight back.

Bronzer/Highlighter Overkill-

Don't overthink it too much. Just warm the tops of the cheeks, hairline, temples, under jawline and neck with bronzer and apply a coral blush to the tops of the cheekbones. If your hair is up, remember to apply a little bronzer under your ears too- Avoid large amount of shimmer. In photos, it can come off looking oily. Many people confuse shimmer with glow, or hydration or as my mentor Laura Mercier put it-“ bonne mine”

Aubrie's Fail proof trick- use your lightest mineral powder from winter on high points of face & your summer shade of mineral powder to contour the low points of the face and add a little matte bronzer.

Too Much or Too Little Makeup- Its really just a touch more than you normally would. If your wedding is during the day, have your mirror near natural light. If the wedding is in the eve typical bathroom light works just fine. Have another hand mirror handy so you can see the 360 view to check your bone structure and contouring.

Too Oily/Too Shiny-

"The combination of prepping skin for makeup, choosing the right foundation formula for your skin type and setting your makeup with powder with a setting spray-will help lock makeup in place. Use of a setting spray like the new IT Cosmetics All In One Setting/Refreshing Spray called Your Skin Only Better $28- multitasking must-have provides up to 16-hour wear to keep your makeup looking fresh all day while helping to control oil and shine." use the coupon TAKECARE20 to get Friends & Family at IT Cosmetics!

Practice, Practice, Practice-

Talking selfies after your DIY practice runs in different lighting will also help you perfect your skills. No matter what, what you look like in photos will always be slightly different in real life too. Keep another hand mirror handy so you can see a 360 view and your profile in the mirror. You can check the of your brows and side angles too-

To see more of Aubrie's tips or to request an appointment for a Virtual Makeup Lesson visit www.luckycatbeauty.com Some of the products contain affiliate links that means we earn a teeny commission for the referral. Thank you-LuckyCatBeauty!

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