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Bespoke Beauty-Getting Started

Create your own custom lip product your bridesmaids will actually use EVERY DAY!

Step 1: Set up your complimentary consultation. Our showroom is located conveniently in the Galleria area of Houston Texas. We may also assist you in a phone consultation. You can book online at or request an appointment via email at or TEXT/CALL 281.773.4259

Step 2: Select Product, Shade & Quantities & Pay Deposit/Setup Fee- Create your own Bespoke Beauty Items, Select from our preferred laboratories extensive Color Library, and select quantities & pay deposit. We recommend you allow 6-8 weeks of production lead time for finished goods to be delivered. We may require a minimum order of 12-24 items.

Step 3: Send us your artwork or logo-Create a Logo for your products using your wedding logo or initials for example. Select the shade names such as the first name of each bridesmaid. Choose a font style or design that is clear and legible so that it can easily be reproduced onto a plate or screen for printing. Our design team can also assist you in creating a logo for only $25. File format needs to be .jpg or .png with at least 300 dpi. No multiple color logos. Must be in Black, White, Gold, Silver Ink on Clear Labels. One Time Setup Fee is $25.

Step 4: Approve your complimentary mockup & Place your order and pay balance due for products.

Step 5: We process your order, we manufacture the product, and we then print your logo.

Step 6: We ship your merchandise, or you can pick up at our showroom! You now have created your own Bespoke Beauty product that they will actually use and LOVE!

Contact Us For a Custom Quote!

281.773.4259 Follow @luckycatbeauty

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